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TROIKA skateboards - SKATE OR DONT

we are officially starting a new pittsburgh based skateboard company TROIKA skateboards - well, "we" meaning dan rugh from commonwealth press and dave kaule from triad skateboards.

why? mainly because we really want to.

theres no grand vision of greatness, just 2 good friends looking to creatively spend sometime doing things they both love.  dave was never solid with how triad came to a close and he and dan have been kicking this idea around for far too long. theres no reason not to. and why wait - so here we go.

we also deciced to include you the whole way as we develop this business - as youll see by the TROIKA website, there isnt shit going on yet...but there will be. we are going to do this step by step and let you in on the whole thing. from posting designs to growing our team, hosting demos, spreading word, all of it.

we have our first deck already run - completely manufactured right here in western PA by our old pals at PENNSWOOD. its for sale RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE:

they are $45 in the store, $55 online (covers shipping and handling) we also already have 2 more in the works with amazingly sick graphics from local artists mike budai and matt gondek. BOTH are beyond amazing and we couldnt be more stoked to work with them (and many more to come)

we are also putting together a team.  so if you have some videos, email us some links. we arent looking for who lands the most technical shit, its who is having the most fun. seriously, if you have video - get it to us.

and now for the GIVEAWAY. to get things rolling we are going to give away 1 free TROIKA skateboard. also some tshirts, kooizes, and stickers.

all you need to do to enter is the following 3 things: 1. "like" TROIKA skateboards on facebook  ( at 2. FOLLOW @TROIKAskate  on twitter and tweet "hey @TROIKAskate, gimme a free skateboard" 3. FOLLOW @TROIKAskate  on instagram

early next week we will pick some winners from those of you that do all 3 and get you your free goodness.

and so you dont have to ask - TROIKA is a russian sled pulled by 3 horses - the perfect icon and bridge unifying TRIAD and COMMONWEALTH PRESS.


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