this is how to set up your art for screen printing.

to get things started, we need you to supply your artwork.
if you know your stuff, the best format to get your art over is as an Adobe Illustrator file, to 100% the size you want it to print, with all fonts outlined.

-next best is a 300 dpi file (JPG, PSD, EPS, PDF) to full print size.
if you kinda know your stuff but arent TOTALLY sure – we outlined the process below to help out.

-beyond that…just get us whatever you can and we can help work it out to something that will print nice and neat


setting up your art for screen printing from scratch in adobe photoshop

1. in photoshop select FILE > NEW
2. figure out how big you want your art to be and then enter that info in the dialogue box. if you arent sure, bust out a ruler and lay it across your chest and figure what width works for you.
our MAXIMUM size for standard printing is 14.5 x 16.5 – we can do larger if needed


fill out the sizing in inches as you need.
set the DPI to 300 and the color mode to RGB.

hit OK and that gives you a blank screen to start your design.

(standard widths are between 8″-11″, large would be 11″-12″, and large format is 12″-14.5″. pocket prints are 3″-4.5″)

3. create your masterpiece.
it would be killer if you could use a different layer for each color, if not dont worry about it
also be mindful of gradients etc. we can print those but unless its on a separate layer we wont be able to separate them as crisp as the original.



4. when you are done save your file. FILE > SAVE AS -
if you have layers in your file choose .PSD if not choose . JPG



5. email that file to us. if it is OVER 5 meg try a service like HIGHTAIL