when you can literally choose to work with anyone, anywhere…

The quick answer
is because we are quality focused professional screen printers with over 20 years of experience. Our prices are fair, our turnaround quick, and we will match or beat any price apples-to-apples that you’ve been offered.

The long answer is because we think you should feel good about who you are working with AND the relationship that grows from that work.

We are artists who started a company because we realized we are damn good at what we do .. .and just might be able to earn a living at it. Thats how we approach every job, Art first and full of gratitude. We want your work to look good, to feel good, so that you feel great about it …and we both grow from the experience.

CWP started in the basement and has grown to 20 employees in a 20,000 sqft warehouse, with zero traditional advertising. We evolved what we offer into making and building and designing whatever - because our customers needed more, so we offered more. All we have ever asked is that if you are happy with our work, please tell your friends. If you are unhappy, please tell us and we will make it right. Our growth has been directly dependent on your support and satisfaction with our work.

CWP offers all of its fulltime employees - paid vacation, full health benefits, disability, paternity/maternity leave, matching retirement, and birthdays as a paid day off. We donate to charities, schools, and causes right here in our community. We sponsor community events, support local art and music, and do our damndest to be proud of our company and the company we keep.

We are trying our best to be the good guys and have fun doing some really cool work … hopefully with you.