we have been working with allegheny city smokehouse for a while now. these guys are solid locals doing some delicious work. everytime jared comes to pick up an order we end up just yammering about printing, food, pittsburgh, beer, running a small business and whatever else pops up.

lately jared has been bringing over samples. seriously, dude  just shows up with food. - one of these samples he unleashed on us he calls "the polish hammer". smoked kielbasa sandwich with pickled cabbage on rye with some crazy ass mustard nonsense they whipped up. its amazing. its honestly all you can do to not just unhook your jaw and one-bite it.

it also just happens that we have all this beer left over from the beer barge and jared has all this meat - so we decided to pull resources and have a happy hour here at our warehouse next thursday 8/15/13 from 6-8.

YOU are invited. come hang out - try some of what allegheny city smokehouse has to offer and enjoy a few beers, all on us.

OH YEAH - in the middle of all this nonsense we asked jared if it was possible to smoke a T-shirt. he said he would give it a shot - and it worked. so the first 24 people to show up will get a free traditionally bacon smoked tshirt, wrapped in butcher paper, and delivered fresh to your hungry hands. no joke. a bacon smoked tshirt. cracks me up everytime i say it.

heres the facebook invite: add yourself, add your friends.

come hang out for 2 hours, you arent busy, and we would love to see you.

your pals at commonwealth press and allegheny city smokehouse





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