It's hoodie weather...


... actually its *THIS* hoodie weather

this week brings the first day of fall. i love fall but holy crap where did summer go. i had so many plans that - well, i didnt do. i guess thats the way life happens huh. all these intentions and then you end up at work - printing hoodies which brings me back to the initial reason i started this. ITS HOODIE SEASON. camp fires and tents and games of stump. cool breezes and colder nights. yeah - hoodies. so THIS hoodie in particular is why i even decided to write a post. we search for the perfect EVERYTHING and this one damn near nails it in the hoodie dept.

its an Anvil brand number 71600/  Fashion Zip up.

heres why it rules

  1. its a zip. we have taken polls and thats what people are digging damn near 10/1. i personally love a pullover but cant deny the ease and obvious appeal of something with a zipper, on and off w/o knocking off your hat or mussing your coiffure.
  2. at 7.2 oz - its that mid range between too thin and too warm. its just right.
  3. its got a decent selection of colors to choose from.
  4. its combed ringspun. you know those soft fashion fwd tees you love so much. thats why they feel so good. soft and smooth on the outside with a creamy caramel filling...but without the caramel, unless you add it yourself. if you do, please send us pics. that sounds awesome. and gross.
  5. 75% cotton / 25% poly. gives you some breathe without all that shrinkage.
  6. white sewn in features - i accidentally typed "feathers" NOW THAT hoodie would have been awesome - but yeah, white zip and pullstring for that contrasting pop of color that everybody loves so much
  7. it fits right. not too baggy - not to slim. its in the groove and you / your customers / your fans are going to look awesome wearing it.
  8. i forgot what 8 was for but ....
  9. its a fashion fit hoodie for the price of a standard cut.

anyway, thats it. that hoodie rules and you should consider it. heres a link to the colors etc. and the specs are included there and below.

71600/  Fashion Zip up

  • 7.2 oz
  • 75% cotton/25% polyester
  • Combed ring spun
  • Unlined hood
  • White circular drawcord
  • 3/4'' contrast white neck tape
  • 2" rolled forward shoulder
  • Back Patch
  • 1x1athletic rib-knit with spandex
  • Double-needle finish on all
  • Double-needle topstitch at neck, shoulder and waistband

want to get that (or anything) moving? thats simple:

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