It rained on our parade...but who gives a shit

we had been in our old space for 9 years - 11 years in that building actually. The initial idea was just to move production, keep the retail there for as long as we could - and we did, for 5 years. 

To be honest it was hard to justify the logistics of having 2 spaces a mere 3 blocks away from each other - so when we decided to move our retail store into our warehouse - we wanted it to be  spectacular. Our pals from South Side Comics had taken over our old space so we thought itd be hilarious to get together and have a big double grand opening at both spaces.

then the idea got bigger and bigger - we got a marching band - Colonel Eagleburger's Highstepping Goodtime Band to be exact. loaded up on some beer - Grist House to be exact - and it turned into a happy hour parade grand opening the likes of which ive not yet seen. 

and it rained and it was cold as hell.

to be honest - if it wasnt hilarious and unique and packed with friends having a great time, good beer, and a general awesome feeling - it probably would have sucked. but it didnt, not at all. 

i cant believe the amount of people that showed up. i really cant. 
so thank you to all of you - even those of you that didnt make it. we completely and sincerely appreciate your support. it means the world and keeps us on our toes to continue to raise the bar of absurdity that you will allow us to get away with... 

and we will continue to do so. i promise. 

(the good photos are from matt dayak the rest are from our instagram acct)

dan rugh