Fueled by Turners


we started working with Turners last year when they approached us to work on a design for them for their "fueled by turners" tagline. if you arent familiar with Turners - you probably arent from western PA - and thats ok. Lots of people are from places that ARE NOT pennsylvania. i cant see why - but its true. regardless - Turners is a dairy not far from pittsburgh and more importantly, they are THE local iced tea. even as a kid youd see their carton or jug anywhere youd go. so when they reached out to us to help w a design, it felt like some kind of validation or something like that...beyond that - we came up with a pretty solid take on both their classic T logo.

we wanted it to be something that felt brand new but also had a throwback color scheme and take on the whole thing. it went off bigger than we had hoped.

and then pushed it a bit further into a literal take on "fueled" - w the classic gas can.


they asked us to print up some stickers, then some shirts. so we did...and thats when we really felt the impact that Turners has on our region. Those things flew out of our store as fast as we could keep them stocked. it felt great to have had a hand in it and im honestly stoked with what we did.

then we kept talking - and built a pretty solid relationship together.

mostly thru social media. i noticed that as we threw some skate contests, art shows, and whatever else we are constantly doing -  they constantly reached out to us to see if we needed any help. it felt super sincere and who the hell is going to turn down free iced tea.

our best relationships happen like this - completely natural and on the same page.

at the beginning of 2016 we had a meeting and they asked us to throw any ideas at them that we feel works w/in their brand. those kind of brainstorming sessions are the root of what we do - its reassuring when a company is completely open to seeing things how we do.

so we came up with a BUNCH of ideas and we are going to release them all summer. theres some really cool ones in there too...

BUT FIRST...the very first - is the FUELED BY TURNERS - Artist Series the idea is, well let me just paste it from their site:

Our Artist Series is a collaboration with and curated by our friends at Commonwealth Press. Together we are partnering with 3 different Pittsburgh artists to utilize their creative vision in order to bring a limited run of brand new Turners merchandise to life.

We’ll follow their process and display the art on limited runs of shirts, sweatshirts, screen printed posters, or whatever they choose to design and have CWP print. The limited items will be sold at our online store hosted by CWP.

We will also offer give away and updates (so make sure to follow us). The Artist Series is a way for us to help cultivate, support, highlight, and make available to you the immense talent that fuels the Pittsburgh Art and Design community.

the coolest part is that it actually support the artist and our business.

im really stoked at what this is growing into - the direct effect any given idea can have on a local scene or community - and just being able to work like this.

im amazed this is how things work.

the first artist is MATT GONDEK. his artwork is...well its him. go to the FUELED BY TURNERSsite and check it out. he designed a shirt and its going to drop on June 1.

ITS SUPER LIMITED so follow us and turners for notices - give aways - all that.

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