turners Dairy needed some ideas ...and results

When one of the largest and locally legendary companies asks to sit down and talk, its a pretty easy decision. when that same company says they love what you do and ask if you could help them come up with some ideas, it is also a pretty easy decision. we have worked with Turners Dairy on a ton of projects since our first meeting - each getting a little cooler than the last ("cool" see there, thats the lead in to the mini-fridge).

we have come up with give aways, new product, campaigns, and all kinds of off centered ideas. our goal with each solution is to engage their customers not only with solid design, but also from a sincere and creative direction that is authentic to the way they have run their company for 100000 years - staying current and doing good for the people around them.

our solutions offer their followers something they can own, or enjoy, be supported by, or just pure entertainment - overall, we aim to highlight a nod to the real impact a local dairy company can have on generations of local PA maniacs. 



Brand Consulting and Design / Product Design / T-shirt Printing and Design / Event Sponsorship /  Event Coordination / Wall Graphic Design and Installation / Custom Retail Design and Buildout