we needed to sell 300 of these shirts
in 30 days,

we sold over 400 in 2 weeks:

we hit our goal so we ended this WEEKS short.

you guys rule. thank you.
this ended on sept 1.


OVER 400 SOLD !!!

396 supporters

(this ended on sept 1, 2017)

we needed to sell 300 of these shirts, heres why:
unexpectedly losing our warehouse was rough - moving into this warehouse has accumulated some pretty heavy costs as i'm sure you can imagine. we have been working real hard for a solid 7 months getting things done as best as we can. we have busted our asses getting this far, we are so close...but we've gotten to the point where we sure could use a little help to get to the finish line. 

we had this idea to make a really cool shirt that you can even customize if you want. we will then put 100% of every dime that shirt makes toward this new HVAC system, some plumbing, some emergency lights, maybe even a roof vent or two.

we hope that you see the value of having a one-of-a-kind shirt - it will definitely be something that anytime we see you wear it, we will know you were one of the ones that came thru when we really really needed it. 

if you bought one, PLEASE wear it to our grand opening - you'll get sick of us thanking you.


we have a real simple system set up where you can pick the style of shirt you want, the color of shirt you want, the color of ink, you can even add a name and number to the back if you want.

we are only going to do this for a few weeks - so please, please - if you think you might want one - please order asap so we can get them moving. 

it's hard to ask for help, it really is, especially when you've already been so supportive of us thru the years... so thank you again, above and beyond, for your years of support. 

all orders will be printed and shipped asap.