We had been trying to earn Piper's business for a long time. In a conversation with their owner, I admitted that they were by far one of our favorite restaurants in the south side - not to mention the city. Hearing this he asked "If thats the case, why do you think it is that 80% of the people that stop at the front window, don't walk in"? They had used a counter and found that only 20ish % of the people that stopped and read the menu in the front window continued into the restaurant.

"Up that number and I have a ton of work for you" - he said. 

We took a look at the whole experience. The way the menu was posted, where it was posted, the menu its-self, then we addressed the whole thing. We completely redesigned the menu - updated the fonts, updated the graphics, edited the content and gave attention to not just what was being said, but how it was being said. We added some definitions for things that a Scottish pub might take for granted (like what is a bap? what is a banger?). We simplified the whole thing and then made poster sized versions and replaced those in the front window.  Another thing we did was approach their use of social media - using that as another window, within 2 months we turned the 20% thru the door to 80% thru the door. 

We earned their business and have built a lasting partnership. 
We print their shirts, built their website, help with marketing, plan events, and have totally grown together.
We even went on to brand 2 other businesses that they are linked with.   



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