EAST END BREWING COMPANY just wanted to “make beer / sell beer”

We have worked together since almost the very beginning of both of our businesses. During those years we have built a level of trust that eventually allowed us to say "hey your logo could use an upgrade" - to which they said "Yeah, we know" to which we dove in headfirst - then further to emphasize the concept of branding across all aspects of their business.  

Since then we have had our hands in a ton of EEBC work. We redesigned their logo, designed their cans, designed labels for a multitude of individual beers, manufactured tap handles from scratch, event branding, interior design, retail consulting, we even went as far as helping them design the facade of their new brewery. 

When it comes to something like this, our biggest challenge is usually finding out what they want to say and how they want to say it. This task is considerably easier when the company in question has an ample supply of beer,

… delicious beer. 



Branding / Integrated Branding Consulting and Design / T-shirt Design and Printing / Environmental Wall Graphic Design and Installation / Custom Tap Handle Design and Fabrication.