photo  Matt Dayak

GRAND OPENING - SATURDAY JUNE 1 - 415 W WARRINGTON AVE PGH PA 15210 - 5pm till whenever

JAN 20, 2017 …

we got the keys to our new warehouse on Jan 20 2017 and began a mad sprint to build it out into something that we could inhabit. we needed plumbing, we needed electricity, we needed many many dumpsters - and we had to be out of our old warehouse by June 1…

and we were.
we got into this new space at 415 w warrington ave on june 1 2017 … and the toilets flushed on the 3rd. we spent the next however long getting this space habitable - and fine tuning the place we want to come into every day…

and we did.
this place is far from finished but it is ours and it is legit - and we want to show it to you.

on Saturday June 1 - 2019 - we are opening our doors to you and hope you come have a drink with us to celebrate this magical feat of construction, and permits, and design, and building, and support and all of that. we will be tossing out tshirts for you and whatever else we can print - or make you print.

no big plans - just some music and drinks and food - the magic is what the space is filled with, so we hope that is you.

and if not, dont sweat it, just email me and ill give you private tour because im proud as hell of this place.
looking fwd to all the new chapters.

high fives and sweaty hugs,
dan rugh and all of commonwealth press