What Sizes Should I Get???

What Sizes Should I Get??? thats one of the biggest questions we get asked when someone is placing an order for screen printed shirts - how many smalls should i get - how many mediums … etc …. and the truth is, theres no magic number.


Think about it, the intended target size of any given custom printed shirt changes with almost every possible use - the sizes of the fans of a local death metal band is going to go heavy in the XL and XXL whereas very few high school indie bands or art clubs are ordering anything outside of Mediums or even Smalls. this can get real confusing - it can even cause hesitation to place your order. nobody wants to waste money…right?!?!

So when we get a person that comes in asking how many Larges they should order - we always try to put that decision back on them because they know their audience far better than we do.


we have been doing this for a really really long time and have figured that there are 2 really simple and solid ways to take an educated guess.

the first is kind of obvious…

order the same number across the board in every size you want represented. from there you can take notes on what sells best and adjust your numbers on the second order.

the second is something we came up with -

and we use a bell curve for it. the idea is to generalize who your main audience is going to be. like, if you are selling shirts at a beer festival - you are going to sell a lot of L and XL … but absolutely need the other sizes as well, just maybe not as many. So assume that your target will take about 20 or more percent of your sales and then draw out a bell curve to hit the rest of your lower percentages for the other sizes.

it sounds complicated - but it really isnt AND we want things to be easy for you…


its called WHAT SIZES SHOULD I GET and you can visit it at www.WSSIG.com
(plus, its a hell of a lot of fun to play with).

go to the site - enter the number of shirts you want and we will instantly and evenly distribute the quantity across all sizes … then uncheck the sizes you dont want … we will restructure the number again -

THEN … and this is the fun part, grab the slider on the LARGES and drag it up, the quantities will redistribute again in a bell curve across the other represented sizes.

if you want to lock a specific number of sizes - like say you need exactly 8 XLs - hit the lock icon and it will stay at 8 - and evenly distribute the sizes again across the rest of your open sizes. you can email that link and breakdown to all the people in your committee too - because everybody loves committees right?!?!

this thing is - we have been doing this a really long time and just want to make it easy for you to make confident decisions, anything we can do to help you get your ideas moving, we are in 100%.

hope this helps and if we can do anything for you, just let us know.

dan rugh