THE PLAN: we are amazed to announce that we have teamed with the gateway clipper fleet to offer one of the most pittsburgh / most original events to date for pittsburgh craft beer week  — the commonwealth press BEER BARGE.

on FRIDAY APRIL 26th we set sail on all 3 rivers, for 3 hours (boarding at 6pm and depart at 6:30 and return to land at 9:30) with 3 bands and more local craft beer than you have ever seen floating up and down multiple rivers….AND you will be able to sample all of it, enjoy live music, and see our beautiful city from the rivers perspective.our goal was to have a good time on the river w some bands, beer, and offer 300 tickets for like minded to hang out and party. we never really set out thinking anything we do is going to be a HUGE turnout - more just a fun thing to do that hopefully  you will think so to.

REALITY: as soon as tickets went on sale, SO MANY PEOPLE hit the site that it sold out in 4 minutes, THEN CRASHED THE SERVER...when the server went down, the ticket system reset to zero...then the server came back up and BOOOM we sold out again. yeah, that happened. we sold out TWICE the amount for a single event. im sure you heard us freaking out from wherever you were. long story short we oversold the event by more than double. we instantly thought CRAP now we have to refund and totally bum out all those people....buuuuuuuuuut......

we try to avoid the negative and make it a positive. we dont ever want to let anyone down (especially when this was TOTALLY OUR FAULT) so we try to make this into more of  an opportunity to make it an even MORE radical event. so we meet up with the awesome folks at the clipper (hi denise!)  to see if we can get a bigger boat! then find out that we cant. we cant get a bigger boat. we cant get a smaller boat. we cant get any additional boat at all....BUT we can add ANOTHER SESSION. so thats what we are doing.


SO if you have a confirmation from PAYPAL that your payment was accepted, YOU HAVE A TICKET! even if you didnt get it as an email. we will be getting those all resent asap! we just need to work out the details.

so on Friday April 26th the first 300+ people will be on the original session still boarding at 6pm and running from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm the second 300+ people will be on the new 2nd session boarding at 10pm and running from 10:30 pm - 1:30 am

we will contact each one of you individually (via the paypal email you used to secure your ticket) to let you know what session youre in - we will also be resending all the tickets, just to make sure you got it.

when you get that email....if you are on the 2nd session and dont want to go at that time, please contact dan AT and we will refund your ticket for you. please remember that your ticket cannot be resold so if you are looking to get out, let us know and we can help you.

otherwise, hang on. info coming. this just got even awesomer.



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