WE ARE a small group of hardworking, fiercely independent, ink soaked, music addicted, code spewing, EVENT HOSTING DESIGN loving, Pittsburgh embracing, hyper creative, screen printers.

we are happy you found us.
lets get started.



Mobile printing unit upgrades https://t.co/oWZopmnTDW
"Commonwealth press is constantly saving my ass from the countless artwork and deadline nightmares I get myself into. Aside from that, it's invaluable to me to work with a screen printing company that shares our DIY work ethic, plus they like punk stuff too." - Anti Flag / AF Records
“These guys are total jag-offs but top quality printers. I wouldn’t print any other way.” - @ BILLKROW
"Four score and seven years ago...i started using CWP and have never regretted it a day in my life". - Abe "wheres the keg" Lincoln
"HOLY CRAP!! these shirts look AMAZING" -You (after you get your shirts)
"...got the posters and they’re gorgeous. Incredible registration and quality — people over here are flipping out. Thanks for the speedy turnaround." - Jason Pine - Desert Age Documentary
OUR OWN LINE OF RETAIL GOods are READILY AVAILABLE online and our brick and mortar STORE


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