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we have been expanding and evolving with our customers needs since the day we started. if these needs involve design, it is a simple and obvious part of our natural path. our most recent undertaking branches into physical construction and building....prototyping, and light manufacturing. we have brought on some really amazing talent to help us fulfill our commitment to help you get where you are going. 

we are more than proud to offer you our combined skill set. 

commercial / retail - design / build



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Soft goods design and production


soft goods design and production

i've been sewing since i was eight years old. however, my creative life and work life didn't intersect until much later when I became the co-owner of an independent fabric shop and sewing studio in pittsburgh. it was there that i put premium fabrics into the hands of makers, taught sewing, quilting, and needlework classes, and created an inviting gathering space for makers of all types. when i decided to move on from that venture, it was clear that sewing and designing needed to stay in the forefront of my work. 

i take great joy in the process of taking an idea and turning it into a physical item that is made entirely by my hands. every item i make is an extension of my appreciation for thoughtful, handmade goods that make people happy. even better that my creations now marry my unwavering love of pittsburgh. i hope i never wake from this dream. 

simply put, creating is my love language. 

oh, i make a mean pierogi and not just the fabric kind!