beyond simple color or ink choices, the STYLE of print can also give a variety of results.

we offer many styles of screen printing and would like to go into some detail on each so you have enough information to make the best decision for your project. many of the styles below can be used together to create tons of different outcomes.

refers to 1-8 solid individual colors without any blending etc. if you just want a printed shirt and dont want to over think it, you are looking for a standard spot color print. 99% of the screen printed tshirts you see daily are spot color jobs.

A halftone image is made up of a series of dots rather than one solid color. the dots can be different sizes. Larger dots are used to represent darker, more dense areas of the image, while smaller dots are used for lighter areas. If you are printing a photograph or any sort of gradient, your job will employ the use of halftones.



we have developed a method to soften and thin the screen printed ink. the result gives a brand new shirt the look and feel that it has gone thru years of wear. the print area using this method can barely be felt with your hand and works great with softer ring spun and fashion fit tshirts.


a distressed print actually appears cracked and broken. this is a process that alters the artwork to mimic the way an old shirt may appear.


discharge printing is a method that actually removes (or discharges) the dye of the garment where your artwork lies. the result is a print with NO hand whatsoever (you cannot feel the print at all).  the concept / result could be explained as a type of “bleaching” but without any harm to the fabric being discharged.

because discharge removes the dye and relies on the natural color of the garment underneath, this process can offer slightly different results for each print.


process printing, 4 color process printing - or CMYK printing is an advanced method of printing that uses 4 colors to reproduce every visible color in a given image. its an amazing procedure but honestly its way to involved to explain in detail. Because it only works on a white base - we are only mentioning it because so many designers ask. To be honest, the BEST route to get a full color range print on a shirt is using SIMULATED PROCESS - this method mimics the blending and separation used as described in process printing above but works on NON white shirts and with more predictable results. our standard for simulated process printing rarely uses less than 8 colors. this style offers the highest level of detail and color range on colored shirts.


as described on our ink page, there is an ink to do just about any look and feel you are aiming to achieve. we have a few listed here but can pretty much make something look and feel like a day-glo basketball that glows in the dark …if thats what you are aiming for.

we are covered in ink all day long so believe us when we say that we take every precaution to have the lowest possible impact on our environment and selves. our standard inks areVOC FREE – PVC and PHTHALATE FREE – we have printed for some HUGE childrens lines and have gone thru extensive VOC testing. final results confirmed FAR below our personal and the government allowance for volatile substances.

this is something we take very seriously end to end at commonwealth press, so if you want more info or have additional questions, just ask us.