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click it for a ticket


Valentines Day is coming up fast ... and if youre like us, you dont really care. 


and thats all about to change
On THURSDAY Feb 7th at 7pm we will be hosting a party of sort - a gathering if you will ... a little something centered around love ... it can be a person you love or just your love of printing. Bring a friend and lets print. 

We will be hosting this at our new warehouse - 415 w. warrington ave Pittsburgh PA 15210 - it will be set up with all kinds of goodies. Some drinks to set the mood, some sweets to - sweeten the deal ...(ugh, im making my self sick) ...but you get it. 

It'll be awesome - we will have stations where you and your guest can screenprint a poster, some valentines day cards, a shirt - enjoy some snacks - have a drink - and blow off some steam on a thursday night. We have little sticker packs for you to take with you ... and who knows what else. 

you can bring a date - or a friend - or your kids - or whatever you feel like. 
we have suuuper limited space. tickets are $50 and that covers you AND your guest.

you can grab your tickets here - but like i said, please act fast ... the space is small and tickets are very limited.