three rivers outdoor company
needed enviromental design

Our relationship with 3ROC started by printing their shirts. when picking up their order, they asked us who did the interior design of our warehouse and retail stores. With the simple answer - "we did" and a handshake later we were tasked to design the look feel and flow of their new idea ... a retail store that acts as a hub of Pittsburgh outdoor adventure. 

our focus was to create a visual plan for how the place would look, feel, and flow. one of the first things you need to consider is how people will walk thru a space, what compels them to go in one direction or the other, "the retail flow". we started there to isolate each area, designate what each sections function and goal was, then design retail cluster displays around that idea to most engage the customer. 

we highlighted 10 areas then built and designed them according to the plan. we wanted each space to have its own feel with the overall goal to be cozy and user friendly - customizable (when needed) - easy to move thru - and something that could be updated to remain fresh.

this project is ongoing, i hope it never ends.