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PROGRESS REPORT on the rerun of mae's shirt...

first off - thank you for ordering, thank you for your patience, thank you for supporting the fact that these shirts are being produced from scratch (the fabric was spun for this specifically) and only because you wanted one. for real, i can't believe the support we got BOTH TIMES to do these - so thank you. 

the steps in producing Mae's shirt start w sourcing the fabric for the sleeves, the body, and the trim. from there its dyed to match our color specs and then each other. after that, everything is shipped to the cutter who cuts everything down to match the patterns we created. once cut it all goes into sewing it arrives to us for sorting, inventory, and printing. once printed - we ship to you. 

where are we right now - everything has arrived to the cutter. yes, we are behind schedule because ...honestly, thats just what happens. i even padded the best laid plans and we still hit some bumps.

if you want details : the original fabric we sourced for the first run was completely out for the 2nd run - so it had to be spun. literally - the fabric was created specifically for this order. that wasn't part of the initial discussion - so this fact set us back significantly. to be honest, the order was significantly larger than we had anticipated (thank you again) so we are doing what we can, with what we have, to get these to you as fast as possible BUT at the quality we require. 

dying the fabric is a test in patience as well - however that was done to our approval and we are moving along. 

so thats where we currently sit - at the cutters, being cut. 

if you would like a refund because youve waited too long - just let me know and its done. 
however, im pretty sure ... knowing who you are and what we are all doing here ... you just needed some info and are along for the ride. 

because this is amazing. 

thank you for your patience. apologies for the curveballs ...  its not the troubles that arise, its how we deal with them.
i am doing my very best with multiple variables and we are progressing. 

eternally - thank you,