Commonwealth Press

for those of you that want to get into the art and mess of screen printing, we are in the process of offering some hands-on classes, how to demos, and offering some print space at our warehouse. this is the area we will post all of that as soon as its legit enough to post.

its part of our push to make screen printing accessible and available to anyone, we promise its coming soon.
for now we offer this:

BUY A SCREEN = we will put your art on a screen for you. you keep the screen forever.

for $50 we will take your art and expose it onto a screen for you – DONE DEAL…then YOU KEEP THE SCREEN. everybody is happy.
thats pretty much it….if you want us to ship it, shipping is additional.

want to get this going?
tell us you want to BUY A SCREEN…and we will get that ball rolling.

usually takes about 5 days to get it all prepped and out.
we are using old screens and pick the mesh that is available. if you have specific requirements – let us know.
Thats it man. need more info, email us.