CWP Print Apparel



what we need to know: 

1. How many t-shirts would you like printed?

2. What sizes are you looking ( XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, +)

3. Do you have print ready art or Do you need a design?

4. Do you have a t-shirt brand and color of shirt in mind?

5. How many color(s) of ink are in your design?

6. Our turnaround is 10 business days.

7. Yes, rush orders are possible. 


what you need to know:

1. There is a minimum order  of 12 items for all print apparel orders.

2. The more you print the cheaper the cost gets per item. 

3. We're really nice people and we're here to help. 


If you have all (or some) of this INFO:


Still a little fuzzy?



OUR recommended
T-shirt / Garment Brands

T-shirt Comp.png


Quality no frills t-shirt. Average cost per shirt $

T-shirt Comp.png


Better quality average cost per shirt $$ 

T-shirt Comp.png


No these are sweet. Average cost per shirt $$$$

T-shirt Comp.png


You new favorite T-shirt. Average cost per shirt $$$$$



Pick aN INK color

COLOR Matching 

If the color you're looking for isn’t here, we can mix it up for you. Mixing ink takes years of color theory and lots of screwing up - we have both of those under our belt so don’t sweat it, we do this every day and will nail it for you.



We can mix or match any supplied PMS number.